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Couples therapy is suited if you are in a moment in life when you are questioning your romantic relationship, when you may encounter difficulties in communicating and interacting with your partner, tensions, misunderstanding or conflicts. Mainly through systemic and emotionally focused therapies, I can help you identify and understand the source of the difficulties, as well as the the patterns of being together, communicating and interacting, which tend to repeat themselves and be harmful to your relationship. At the same time, the goal of couples therapy is to find the best therapeutic strategy to deal with the issues at hand. You and your couple are at the core of this strategy, built  in order to adjust to who you are, your way of living and experiencing things, your life stories and ways of being together in your relationship. 


What to expect during couples therapy

The first session will help us get acquainted and will allow me to get an understanding of the difficulties your couple is going through and which made you seek therapy. This will enable us to determine a first therapeutic strategy. During to following sessions, we will shape this strategy into small session by session goals and themes. Work around those goals is done through reflective thinking and emotional exploring in session, but also through at home experimenting of new ways of being together with your partner, of communicating and dealing with conflict.  

What is couples' therapy ?

The role of couples therapy is to help couples understand and resolve the issues impacting their relationship. Sessions always take place with both partners and provide a calm time and space, where difficult subjects and attachment dynamics can be explored with emotional safety. 

Sessions are also an opportunity to reinforce communication with your partner and to better understand the functioning of one another 

My role as a therapist is to provide couples with this supportive environment, as well as to help them build the most appropriate methods to work on their challenges. The ultimate aim of couples therapy is to understand and solve problems sot that you can develop or find again the strong bridges bringing you and your partner together. 

When can it be useful to seek couples therapy ?

The decision to engage in couples therapy is unique for each couple and cans be triggered by different types of situations. What is most important is that both partners agree on the wanting to try couples therapy and are willing to engage on a therapeutic work on their relationship. Cases below do not cover all of the situations which can lead to couples therapy, but can give you examples to help you see whether this can be something helpful in your case. 

Frequent fights and miscommunication

When you and your partner are having more and more trouble understanding each other, you are frequently fighting and you struggle finding ways to solve these fights and to find our way back to each other... 

Couples can find themselves in this situation, when communication has become complicated or when the partners struggle to change repetitive relational dynamics which can hurt the relationship.

In couples therapy we can work together so that you can both understand the underlying causes of these difficulties and, from there, to start implementing change for a more thriving relationship on the long-terme.  

Infidelity or broken trust

Couples therapy can also be useful for intimate, trust related issues. For example, infidelity can lead to a damaged trust, can leave scars and create a lack of emotional security within the relationship.  

In cases such as these, couples therapy can help rebuild the trust and the emotional safety between the two partners on a strong, more lasting foundation.

Important life moments

Major life events, such as marriage, the birth of children, grieving a loss, can affect the relational and emotional dynamics between partners. Couples therapy can help you identify and develop ways to adapt to these life transitions, which suit you and your specific situation.  

Finally, if the partners' life goals, desires, aspirations do not seem to align and be compatible, a couples therapist can help you find a way so that you can join paths and build some common life projects. 

Letitia Trifanescu : couples therapist in Paris

I work as a licensed therapist in Paris for several years and I  welcome you to my office located in the 15th arrondissement, for couples sessions

As a psychologist and psychotherapist trained in systemic therapy, my approach aims to address your relational and communication dynamic as a couple, in order to help you better experience your relationship. 

Couples therapy sessions take place by appointment only, at my office in Paris - Montparnasse, at 7 rue Nicolas Charlet. Each session lasts approximately one hour. The number of follow-up sessions varies according to your needs and your progress. 

You can make an appointment on Doctolib or contact me directly by phone or e-mail if you need more information on the sessions.

Letitia Trifanescu, votre psychologue de confiance à Paris 15

How do couples therapy sessions take place ?

The first session will enable us to get to know each other and to discuss what brings you to therapy, as well as your view of the objective that your couple would like to achieve following therapy. 

We can then determine together a first therapeutic strategy to follow throughout sessions. If you decide to engage in therapy, we will pursue this strategy during the follow-up sessions, throughout different topics for each of them. Couples therapy is based on a reflective and emotional work in the office, but also on exercises and things to explore at home, in between two sessions. 

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