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Couples therapy is suited if you are in a moment in life when you are questionning your romantic relationship, when you may encounter difficulties in communicating and interacting with your partner, tensions, misunderstanding or conflicts. Mainly through systemic therapy, I can help you identify and understand the source of the difficulties, as well as the the habits and patterns of communication and interaction, which tend to repeat themselves and be harmful to your relationship. At the same time, the goal of couples therapy is to find the best therapeutic strategy to deal with the issues at hand. You and your couple are at the core of this strategy, built  in order to adjust to who you are, your way of living and experiencing things, your life stories and ways of being together in your relationship. 


What to expect during couples therapy

The first session will help us get acquainted and will allow me to get an understanding of the difficulties your couple is going through and which made you seek therapy. This will enable us to determine a first therapeutic strategy. During to following sessions, we will shape this strategy into small session by session goals and themes. Work around those goals is done through reflective thinking and emotional exploring in session, but also through at home experimenting of new ways of being together with your partner, of communicating and dealing with conflict.  

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