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Mon approche

I chose to be a psychologist and a therapist for two reasons, which still guide me in my practice today. The first one, is my interest in the way human beings act and function among others and the way in which these social interactions can sometime lead to individual suffering. The second one, is the profound belief that helping others to live better everyday, to feel better in their relationships, at work, in their personal lives, to dare carrying out their projects, is what gives meaning to my work. In my counseling and therapy work, I integrate the different methods and orientations I am familiar with, always with empathy and a non-directive approach.

My initial studies in psychology combined clinical and organizational psychology. My first orientation is in the systemic theory. In systemic therapy, we analyze together the problems you encounter through the way they relate to the global context in which they occur - life events, social and professional relations, ways of communicatig and interacting. My role is to help you shed a different light on this context, which can enable you to see alternative ways of dealing with or simply of understanding the issues at hand. 

My work over the years has led me to take an interest in other therapies, including the  Person Centered Counselling orientation. In client centered therapy, the expression of your feelings and thoughts comes first. My role as a therapist is to listen without any judgement and to help you better explore them, grasp their different meanings and gradually clarify them, until you can overcome or learn to cope with the issues these thoughts and feelings relate to.  

Finally, for over two years, I have been interested in mindfulness, which I use as a method and working tool. Mindfulness is not a psychological orientation or theory. It is a complementary method, particularly suitable for dealing with intrusive thinking, chronic insomnia, anxiety or long-term stress.


In my practice, I am committed to the psychologists' code of ethics, which you can read about here. I thus respect the terms of practice, as well as the general principles. Among them, respect for the person's rights, freedom, dignity and protection, which implies preserving the person's private life, as well as being bound by professional secrecy, including between colleagues. These principles also bound me to give every person the choice to reveal information about themselves or not. 

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