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Organizational psychology sessions are for all those who wish to take a moment and reflect upon on their careers, because they want to change their profession or the position they currently occupy or wish to turn themselves towards a job that would suit them more, but which they have not yet identified. This desire for change can be linked to difficulties encountered in the work-field more generally or they can be workplace or colleagues related. It can also come from a desire for renewal, a need to evolve, or from the impression of stagnating or having missed on a more suitable career path in the past and wanting to get back to it.  If you have clear objectives in mind, I can help you define and sustain an adapted strategy at each stage. If you just have a desire for change without clearly defined objectives, I can help you better understand what triggers this desire and find the professional strategy that best suits you, taking into account your values, your needs, your impediments.


Organizational psychology also concerns the various ways in which work, work environments and cultures, management styles or the profession, can potentially lead to suffering, to increased stress or exhaustion. This can have ramifications and consequences for the place work has in one's personal life, the link between work and personal identity or the overall experience of working in psychologically toxic environments

What to expect from organization psychology sessions

The main structure of organizational psychology counseling is that of one-on-one counselling and psychotherapy in general. Its specificity is to rely on links between clinical lenses for individuals' psychological functioning and organizational dynamics (internal processes, management styles, work relations, etc.). The purpose of the first session is to find and agree upon a first therapeutic strategy, which we will follow session after session, using the methods and tools best suited for each person and the specific issues they struggle with. Both the strategy and the way to go about it can change and evolve during counselling, so they can always adjust to your needs. 

La devanture du cabinet de psychologue du travail

Why see an organizational psychologist ?

Sessions in work or organizational psychology are for clients who can experience different issues where the professional and the personal aspects intertwine. 

Some clients experience suffering, chronic stress or burn-out related to work. This can, for example, be linked to the place work takes in their personal lives, to how work related to who they are presently or to working in toxic environments. A work psychologist can help you understand what your relationship to work is, as well as to your work environment and to the parameters of your current job. The goal is to find which is the best therapeutic way to approach it and to help develop the tools you need.     

Other individuals feel the need for a change - in their profession or current position. They feel the need to turn towards something which would suit them better, but that remains yet hard to identify and grasp. This need for change can be related to having experienced difficulties doing one's job - with management, colleagues or more generally at the work place. It can also come from a more general need for a new start, for evolving professionally or from the impression of having initially missed something as the career moved forward. 

Work related suffering and stress

Many people endure stress and suffering related to work and this can be for various reasons.

Work pressure, highly demanding and competitive work environments, deadlines which are hard to meet, are often a source of chronic stress.  Having to wok in toxic work environments or feeling isolated within a team or among colleagues, can also cause suffering. 

Whenever work generates anxiety or stress, it can have repercussions beyond the professional aspect of life take the form of a general feeling of exhaustion or burn-out. As an organizational psychologist, my role is to help clients develop and implement personal strategies to reduce the stress and to change as much as possible what causes this suffering.    

Moral harassment

Experiencing harassment at work is the reality of many individuals. This can translate into situations of intimidation, pressure, disrespect or humiliation, from colleagues or management and can have consequences on one's mental and, possibly, physical health. When repeated on the long-term, this can lead to chronic stress, anxiety or depressive states.  

In cases such as these, my job is to create a safe space, where you feel listened to without any judgement, where you can rebuild trust, see things more clearly and to identify resources and ways to improve your well-being,  

When your professional horizon needs changing 

If you feel the need for a professional change, whether you have clearly identified goals or you just need to take some time for yourself and focus on what those goals may be, my role as a psychologist is to help you structure things and give them perspective, for your future professional growth.  

We can start by taking a closer look at what triggered this need for change, in order to help you identity the career which would suit you best, according to your values, needs and personal obligations. Once your goals are clearer to you, a psychologist can help you build strategies to achieve them and provide you with the emotional support needed during times of deep change and life transformations.  

Letitia Trifanescu: specialized in work psychology 

I work as a licensed psychologist and therapist in Paris for several years and I welcome you to my office located in the 15th arrondissement, for organizational psychology sessions. 

Through my way of working, I hope to help you address and understand your relation to work and your current work environment, in order to help you better experience your professional situation. 

Work psychology sessions take place by appointment only, at my office in Paris - Montparnasse, at 7 rue Nicolas Charlet. Each session lasts approximately one hour. The number of follow-up sessions varies according to your needs and your progress. 

You can make an appointment on Doctolib or contact me directly by phone or e-mail if you need more information on the sessions.

Letitia Trifanescu, votre psychologue de confiance à Paris 15

How does work psychology consultation support work?

Organizational psychology sessions take place no differently than one-on-one sessions, online or at the office.

What is different is the theoretical emphasis on crossing clinical psychology with organizational dynamics (the way organizations function, management styles, etc.) 

The first session is the moment when we can talk about counselling and address any concerns or question you might have. At the end of it, the we should agree on an appropriate therapeutic strategy to follow, which you fell can help you and which you are comfortable with. This strategy will be followed through in the following sessions and it can, of course,  change and evolve according to your needs.

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