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Organizational psychology sessions are for all those who wish to take a moment and think upon on their careers, because they want to change their profession or the position they currently occupy or wish to turn themselves towards a job that would suit them more, but which they have not yet identified. This desire for change can be linked to difficulties encoutered in the workfield, more generally, or they can be workplace or colleagues related. It can also come from a desire for renewal, a need to evolve, or from the impression of stagnating or having missed on a more suitable career path in the past and wanting to get back to it.  If you have clear objectives in mind, I can help you define and sustain an adapted strategy at each stage. If you just have a desire for change without clearly defined objectives, I can help you better understand what triggers this desire and find the professional strategy that best suits you, taking into account your values, your needs, your impediments.


Organizational psychology also concerns the various ways in which work, work environments and cultures, management styles or the profession, can potentielly lead to suffering, to increased stress or exhaustion. This can have ramifications and consequences for the place work has in one's personal life, the link between work and personal identity or the overall experience of working in psychologically toxic environments. 

What to expect from organization psychology sessions

The main structure of organizational psychology counseling is that of individual counselling and psychotherapy in general. Its specificity is to rely on links between clinical understandings of individuals' psychological functioning and organizational dynamics (internal processes, management styles, work relations, etc.). The purpose of the first session is to find and agree upon a first therapeutic strategy, which we will follow session after session, using the methods and tools best suited for each person and the specific issues they struggle with. Both the strategy and the way to go about it can change and evolve during counselling, so they can always adjust to your needs. 

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